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Seminar : What can the Interface of the University of Liège do for you?


The Interface of the University of Liège is there to help you protect and find business opportunities for your research/technology. 

We organize for you a short talk to share our experience, and discuss your questions about :
– protection : do you really need to protect your research ? How to protect ? When ?
– contributors : who owns what ? Do contributors have a « veto right » on future developments ? What about student work ?
– Open source licenses : how to choose a license ? what are the incompatibilities ?
– Open source Business Model : how to become rich with open source ?

These questions become more and more prevalent, as fundamental research funding decreases to the profit of applied research. 
Therefore having a good understanding of these concepts underlying intellectual property can help you define the best strategy to develop your research on the long term.
Bring your (difficult) questions, and see you on November 16th, 11h-12h @ R7 !