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Seminar : IT data management


In the context of the Big Data Project seminars, Dr. Jean-Louis Binot will present a seminar on IT Data Management.

This seminar will examine some of the concepts and challenges related to data management in an industrial IT organisation.

To face the almost overwhelming increase in the volume of data generated in many domains, new solutions have been developed, relying for example on distributed computing and machine learning.

However, another dimension of the challenge resides in the technical, organizational and cultural difficulties that IT organizations face when dealing with data, as well as with the applications managing them.

The seminar will start by reviewing the main elements of a standard IT organisation, before turning to the data management challenges that such an organisation is facing. The pressure to “keep the lights on” in production and its impacts, the difficulties caused by data silos and possible ways to address them, the current level of maturity of IT organizations concerning data integration and business intelligence, are some of the aspects that will be illustrated. Possible directions for solutions, including the need for master data management, will be discussed.