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Research Groups - Signal and Image Exploitation (INTELSIG)

The INTELSIG research unit is concerned with the acquisition, processing, and exploitation of signals occurring in a variety of contexts and applications.

Examples of signals of interest to us are acoustical signals, static images, video sequences, radar signals, radar images, space-time radar signals, and medical imagery.

Examples of applications of interest are prediction of acoustical characteristics in architectural design, videosurveillance, automatic analysis of sports TV broadcasts, radar space-time adaptive processing, and image-guided surgery.


Research projects


UserMEDIA is a projects portfolio aiming for the development of multimedia technologies that prioritize the final user need.

The participation of the University of Liège is funded by European Union (1,224,875.21€) et by Wallonia (1,837,312.79€).

IntelSIG participates to 3 projects of the portfolio :
  • MEDIAFactory : intelligent factory of multimedia content
  • CloudMEDIA : design of cloud based multimedia solutions
  • MediMEDIA : innovative medical applications based on new media

For more information about UserMEDIA, please visit


Tera4All is a projects portfolio aiming for the development of TeraHertz (THz) technology applications and for the broadcast of this technology to the Walloon companies.

The participation of the IntelSIG is funded by European Union (407,707.42€) et by Wallonia (611,561.15€).

The participation of IntelSIG to Tera4All focuses on the development of a THz system for medical applications like for example the real time tumor margin assessment during breast conserving surgeries (lumpectomy) for breast cancer treatment.