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Montefiore News n°46


Merci de communiquer à Sophie la liste des nouveaux chercheurs de l’institut afin que leur arrivée puisse être annoncée dans le Montef News. Pour rappel, le vade-mecum du nouveau chercheur est disponible sur l’intranet.


Friday 16/11/2012 – 11 a.m – Room R7, Montefiore Institute (B28)
Frauke Liers (FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg) – Seminar: TBA

Monday 19/11/2012 – 2 p.m – Room R21, Montefiore Institute (B28)
Albert Goldbeter (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) – Seminar (jointly organized with Cyclotron Research Centre): The cell cycle and the circadian clock: Dynamics of two coupled cellular rhythms

Friday 23/11/2012 – 11 a.m – Room R7, Montefiore Institute (B28)
Nicolas Petit (UCL) – Seminar: TBA

Friday 30/11/2012 – 11 a.m – Room R7, Montefiore Institute (B28)
Marc Pfetsch (TU Darmstadt) – Seminar: TBA

Vous pouvez retrouver la liste complète des séminaires Systmod à l’adresse suivante :


22 nouvelles publications déposées sur ORBI depuis le 24 octobre 2012, ce qui porte à 2444 le nombre de publications du département sur ORBI, dont 1784 sont peer-reviewed.

Si vous souhaitez qu’une publication déposée sur ORBI apparaisse dans le Montef-News, il suffit de faire suivre le mail de notification d’ORBI à Sophie Cimino.

Pour rappel, il est très important que chaque chercheur encode régulièrement ses publications sur ORBI. Cette base de données devient petit à petit la source centrale de l’institution pour toute une série d’évaluations et rapports. La politique du département est d’y déposer toute publication qui doit figurer dans de tels rapports, en particulier les publications dans les revues internationales, les chapitres de livres publiés avec comité de sélection, les articles de proceedings de conférences internationales, et les thèses de doctorat.

Research Unit day

The annual « Research Unit day » of the Systems and Modeling Research Unit took place on October 25th. This nice event is a good opportunity to get together, make new friends, be introduced to new members, have news from those who left, etc. Each new PhD student or post-doc visitor is requested to introduce him/herself, while other members volunteer to make a presentation on any subject (this year, the talks by François Van Lishout and Petros Aristidou were much appreciated !).

We also had the pleasure of listening to three invited speakers: Maarten Arnst (A&M dept.), Sébastien Jodogne (Dept. of Medical Physics, CHU), and Quentin Noirhomme (COMA Science group).

Besides those presentations, the event included a lunch, a presentation of the activities of the “Station scientifique des Hautes Fagnes” and a walk in the surrounding “Fagne de la Poleur”.

Some pictures of the event can be found on (the link for off-line download is : ).

It was also a pleasure to meet again Charline De Baets, who made her pictures available at :!1361&path=/photomail/{21545639-9fb2-430a-8934-e43c7623ecbb}&image=5AD9E91F113D47E4!1364&imagehi=5AD9E91F113D47E4!1362&sff=1

3D Stereo MEDIA: Fourth edition, in Liège, on 3-6 Dec 2012

3D Stereo MEDIA (3DSM) will be held in Liège on 3-6 Dec 2012. This event is focused on ALL aspects and ALL applications of ALL forms of « 3D »: stereoscopic, multiview, integral, plenoptic, holographic, range, audio, print, …

The event was conceived back in 2008 at the impulse of Prof. Jacques G. Verly, from the Laboratory for Signal and Image Exploitation (INTELSIG). The event is now in its 4th edition. The event is at the unique convergence of science, engineering, technology, and art. « 3D » is one of the rare topics that allows such a close connection between artists and engineers. It is thus an ideal topic for a university promoting multidisciplinarity and « convergence », such as the ULg.

You will get a immediate bird’s eye view of our event from the navigation bar of our website .

One of the components of 3DSM, the « International Conference on 3D Imaging », for short IC3D (« I see 3D »), should be of particular interest to the Institut Montefiore community as it is the typical scientific and engineering conference with peer-review papers. It is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Prof. Jean-Jacques Embrechts (INTELSIG) is the Publications Chairman, and Prof. Jacques G. Verly the General Chairman.

IC3D is only one of the many events of 3DSM. The others are a 3D Academy, a co-production 3D Film Mart (co-sponsored by the European MEDIA Program), a 3D Film Festival, a Professional Conference, the new I3DS-Europe Awards, a Gala Evening, and Business-to-Business Meetings. You’ll find details at .

An innovation for this year is the collaboration with the International 3D Society (I3DS), based just outside Hollywood, CA. I3DS has selected 3D Stereo MEDIA, and thus Liège, to awards its famous « 3D Creative Arts Awards ». We will award, at the Royal Opera of Liège, in the eve of 6 Dec, the « Lumiere Statuettes » for the best stereoscopic 3D productions from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. These awards are identical to those received by Scorcese and Spielberg earlier this year in Hollywood. The public at large is invited to attend, for free, the Awards Ceremony by registering at . We will be equipped to welcome up to 1000 participants!

Step-by-step, we are creating the new « 3D Valley » of Liège, Belgium. Once again, the concept of 3D Stereo MEDIA emerged from the INTELSIG Laboratory from the Montefiore Institute.

Please, join us on 3-6 Dec. The registration details are on our website .

The 32nd Benelux Meeting

The 32nd Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control will take place in Houffalize from March 26 to 28, 2013. This annual conference gathers PhD students and researchers in systems and control and offers an ideal platform for a first exposure to the international community in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. More details can be found on the website